Level up your investigations with Chaosium Core

Get access to all the core rule books for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and enjoy continuous updates to our Chaosium Library. Over $150 value for only $5/month.

Chaosium Core

In this Chaosium subscription you’ll find unbridled access to Call of Cthulhu’s core books and Assistant knowledge to guide you through the intricate rules and rich lore of Call of Cthulhu.

Access in Library: *

  • Investigator Handbook
  • Keeper Rulebook
  • Malleus Monstrorum Vol 1 & 2
  • Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic
  • Cults of Cthulhu

Quest Portal Assistant: *

  • Library Link (Requires Quest Portal Pro)
Call of CthuluChaosium


Call of Cthulhu titles are available in the Quest Portal Library.PDFs or physical copies not included.
Library Link requires Quest Portal Pro.


The Library ensures that you'll never be left in the dark on your quest for enlightenment. By subscribing to this arcane treasure trove of knowledge, you'll gain instant access to the most crucial texts from Chaosium's extensive collection, making your gaming experience more immersive, engaging, and terrifying than ever before.*

Library Link

Embark on a thrilling journey into the dark and mysterious world of H.P. Lovecraft with Library Link in the Quest Portal Assistant, your all-knowing Call of Cthulhu companion. Delve deep into the secrets of the 1920s and unlock the wisdom of the ages as the Assistant brings you the combined knowledge of 5 essential Call of Cthulhu tomes, all at your fingertips.**

Keeper Rulebook

Keeper Rulebook

Investigator Handbook

Investigator Handbook

The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic

The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic

Malleus Monstrorum I: Monsters of the Mythos

Malleus Monstrorum I: Monsters of the Mythos

Malleus Monstrorum II: Deities of the Mythos

Malleus Monstrorum II: Deities of the Mythos

Quest Portal Pro

Get more out of your Chaosium Core subscription

Be prepared for anything your players choose to do. Be able to respond without a break. Upgrade to pro to unlock your very own Game Master assistant.

Call of Cthulu

Quest Portal Assistant

Quickly draft ideas, encounters, backstories and place descriptions.

Call of Cthulu

Library Link

Ask about rules and lore of supported games with our Library Link.

Call of Cthulu

Avatar Generation

Generate unique avatars for your character sheets and tokens.

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