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In the dimly lit newsroom, you find yourself seated at a cluttered desk. As a seasoned reporter, countless stories of wars, wonders, and woes dance in your thoughts.

Yet tonight, uncertainty holds you captive. The candlelight casts fleeting shadows around you as you come across the Quest Portal.

What do you do?

About Quest Portal

Quest Portal is a virtual tabletop (VTT) designed to play tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) on both desktop and mobile devices. Our easy-to-use platform offers a powerful AI assistant, character sheets, beautiful backdrops, ambient music, battlemaps, and all the tools you need.

Our Mission

Our mission at Quest Portal is clear: Increase creativity, empathy, and collaboration worldwide by making TTRPGs more accessible and social.

We envision a world where tabletop role-playing games serve as a source of entertainment and a conduit for communication among friends and like-minded individuals. We believe in fostering shared experiences across different worlds and cultures and nurturing unrestrained creativity.


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I’ve been using the Assistant quite a lot. It’s our single source of truth when there are disagreements within the group. I can quickly ask the Assistant, share the answer with my players and tell them that they don’t have to like it, but that’s the rule. Now I feel more confident that I can handle more situations when I have the Assistant by my side. I can even generate NPCs while my players are talking. So I found it incredibly useful in that respect.

- Tom

The notes system is really clear, organisable in folders and holds a lot of promise - I really like the clear presentation and the layout. The Assistant has been helpful in not only clarifying rules for a system I’m currently learning, but also its such a time saver for when it comes to generating NPC stats for when my players inevitably want to work with a character I hadn’t intended to be a part of the session.

- Volonda, Blighthouse Studio

I’m known as an over prepping game master. It is not uncommon for me to prep for 5 hours for a 3 hour session and the bulk of that prep is on VTT input. Recently, with Quest Portal I managed to prep for a six hour session with only 30 minutes of VTT input time, a record for myself.

- Nik