AI lowers the barrier for more GMs and players to challenge the boundaries of their imagination.

A few words of excitement about the direction Quest Portal is traveling in.

A powerful technology you have been involved in since 2008 suddenly becomes the topic of much debate. What do you do?

Quest Portal was founded to exponentially improve the human experience of playing tabletop roleplaying games by building powerful technology that is perfectly cloaked. Technology that lives in the background and works hard to help make your game experience as immersive as it can be. Mobile, intuitive, intelligent.

AI has been a part of our vision for making TTRPGs more accessible for years and will remain so as we move forward. It’s a subject that we, as Quest Portal founders, have known very well since our very first forays in the field together in 2008, and we have been baking AI technology into everything we do at Quest Portal.

AI is the very definition of powerful technology, but the acronym is loaded with contention. We know the strengths of AI and fundamentally believe in its ability to bring TTRPGs to millions more players. To us, there is no doubt - we firmly intend to continue playing a leading role in integrating AI into the roleplaying experience, alongside all of the other technologies that we have built over the years.

We proudly embrace AI as a means to grow confidence, lower barriers, and support the imagination of GMs and players. AI-generated art and AI-assisted storytelling are crucial to making TTRPGs more accessible and welcoming to more people.

  • AI helps you challenge the barriers of your imagination by materialising your ideas even if you don’t have the funds, tools, or skills to do so yourself (tokens, portraits, scenes, maps)
  • AI gives you the confidence to GM by drafting story context in the moment (drafting NPCs, backstories, place descriptions)
  • AI improves gameplay by removing friction (calculations, memorisation, ...)

AI will become a powerful driver to increase the number of humans enjoying and creating RPGs. TTRPGs are social gatherings of collaborative storytelling, and all of the Quest Portal technology (including AI) is designed to help more humans join our community as players, GMs, or creators.

That also means we draw a clear line: AI should never reduce the number of players around the table. AI will never replace a playing role, be that player or GM.

As the leaders in applying AI to improve the TTRPG experience, we are committed to transparency and therefore will publish clear policies and transparent insights into our systems here on the Quest Portal journal.

Join us on a journey of the imagination.

Gunnar, Steinn, and Gummi
Quest Portal Founders