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Set the scene. Connect with friends. Tell epic stories.

We focus on players seeking an immersive experience while playing tabletop role-playing games.

Quest Portal is the social tabletop. We help you get into character with 3D avatars using face-tracking, beautiful backdrops, and ambient music. Create a campaign, invite your friends, and start playing within minutes.

The tools to create epic stories with your friends


Roll for initiative

Select your dice and watch them bounce around in beautiful 3D. Roll from your character sheet or make custom rolls in your session.

Role-play confidently and creatively

We help you create epic stories to share with your friends. Upload your assets or choose from our extensive library.

Face-tracking; When you move, they move

Your webcam enables face-tracking that animates your character in 3D to help you get immersed in the gameplay.

Set the right tone

Every scene comes with music for ambiance. You can upload your soundtracks or use our library to set your desired mood.

Gather your friends

Invite friends easily to your campaign with a shareable link or their username. Then, enter the session with one click.

Minimal setup

Quest Portal gets out of your way and lets you play. Get started on a new campaign with friends in minutes.

Extend sessions with campaign text chat

Chat in character or as yourself in session, or continue the game between sessions.

Better notes, much better sessions

Write notes and easily share with your group without taking focus away from the game.

And plenty more in the works...

Including mobile apps, avatar designer, more character sheets, scheduling, and voice mods.

Join the adventure

We are just starting and we would love your feedback. Join today, create a campaign, add immersive scenes, invite your friends, create memorable characters, and start playing.

Why role-playing games?

The benefits of playing role-playing games are clear.


Telling stories fosters creativity. It can be building new worlds or creating interesting characters. Being creative can relieve stress and promote self-awareness.


Playing together makes us better team members. Solving mysteries or braving dangerous dungeons teaches us collaborative problem solving and communications skills.


We can all do with walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Playing TTRPGs can help you become a more empathetic person by playing and interacting with different characters.


What is Quest Portal?

Quest Portal is a simple VTT (Virtual Tabletop). We focus on players seeking an immersive experience while playing tabletop role-playing games. We help you get into character with 3D avatars using face-tracking, beautiful backdrops, and ambient music.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to make role-playing games accessible for all and create economic opportunities for all the incredible creators in the tabletop role-playing space. We focus on role-playing, social interactions, and crafting a well-designed user experience. Right now, we have an easy way to add beautiful scenes, 3D avatars, a robust note system, maps, and character sheets. We hope that simple and well-designed features will provide a fabulous experience.

What does it mean that you are in 'Early Access'?

While we're in early access, we don't feel like our vision is fully realized and ready for prime time. But we also don't want to build something in isolation. We want to develop Quest Portal with excellent Game Masters, Players, and Creators. We count on your feedback to build Quest Portal, and we hope to have an official launch in 2022.

Can I move my epic campaign to Quest Portal today?

Not yet. We have shipped about 5% of the stuff we want to build and still see weird bugs pop up. However, we would love it if you could test a one-shot in Quest Portal and tell us what you think!

How much will Quest Portal cost?

Right now, Quest Portal is free for all users. We plan to open a marketplace for adventures and compendiums. We are also excited about creating content subscriptions in cooperation with creators.

Who are you? Who is building Quest Portal?

We are a passionate team of nine nerds and one dog. We design and code Quest Portal in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland. If you are ever nearby, you should drop us a line and visit.

What systems do you support?

We have implemented various tools for tabletop role-playing systems, including dice roller, notes, and scenes. When creating a character, you can choose a simple character sheet for your character's look, backstory, and some fun facts. We partnered with Chaosium to start prototyping system-specific character sheets, adventures, and compendiums for Call of Cthulhu 7e. We want to support more amazing publishers and decided to start with just one system.

What's the best way to give feedback?

We love nothing more than chatting with people in the tabletop community! So please email us at hi@questportal.com, and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

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