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Create characters and campaigns, fun and adventure with Quest Portal. Conquer any world with easy-to-use, AI assisted storytelling tools and play together on a top-tier virtual tabletop.

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Unleash your creativity

Describe your character and get custom generated avatar portraits at the click of a button, or select from our ever-growing library of avatars, scenes, and maps to immerse yourself into the action.

Scenes come with preloaded music and sounds.

Music sets the tone

Every scene comes pre-loaded with ambience music. Upload your visuals and use our music library to set the mood you want.

Select scenes from our library of pre-made scenes.

Set the scene

We help you create epic stories to share with your friends. Upload your own assets or choose from our extensive library.

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Play anywhere, anytime

Quest Portal is designed to work on multiple devices. Get our mobile app and join your friends on the go.

Chat log for every game.

Extend sessions with chat

Chat in character or as yourself in session or continue the game in between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quest Portal is a simple VTT (Virtual Tabletop). We focus on players seeking an immersive experience while playing tabletop role-playing games. We help you get into character with ease of use, beautiful backdrops, ambient music, and all the tools you need.

Our mission is to increase creativity, empathy, and collaboration worldwide by making TTRPGs more social and accessible. We will achive that be getting three things right. First, we help people get into character and the right mood for role-playing. Second, we augment their stories with delightful tools and AI in all the right places; generative art, helpful prose, and great content. Third, we bring people together by making sharing and spectating a fantastic experience.

Our Early Access period is the time when we get to test out features and innovations with our community before we officially launch. It’s important to us that we develop Quest Portal hand in hand with our community of incredible game masters, players, and creators. With your feedback and support, we hope to officially launch Quest Portal in 2023.

Absolutely! Although we are in our early stages, we have all the building blocks you need to create and run your campaigns. We also have a TON of cool features and improvements on the horizon so stay tuned for more to come!

We are a passionate team of 11 nerds and one dog. We design and code Quest Portal in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland, and Los Angeles.

We have implemented various tools for tabletop role-playing systems, including dice roller, notes, and scenes. When creating a character, you can choose a simple character sheet for your character's look, backstory, and some fun facts. We partnered with Chaosium to start prototyping system-specific character sheets, adventures, and compendiums for Call of Cthulhu 7e. We want to support more amazing publishers and decided to start with just one system.

We love nothing more than chatting with people in the tabletop community! So please email us at, and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

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Join the adventure

Quickly create a campaign, invite you friends and start playing right away with hundreds of scenes, maps and sounds at your fingertips.

Featured creations from our community

Featured content - Magical woman
Featured creation - Cyberpunk woman
Featured creation - Person by the moon
Featured creation - woman in gold
Featured creation - robot
Featured creation - Woman in vintage
Featured content - Magical woman
Featured creation - Cyberpunk woman
Featured creation - Person by the moon
Featured creation - woman in gold
Featured creation - robot
Featured creation - Woman in vintage

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