Community Guidelines

Welcome to Quest Portal!

We are on a mission to make tabletop role-playing games accessible for all. We want everyone to feel welcomed and safe in all Quest Portal spaces. We encourage everyone to foster a friendly and positive community where people can feel excited about sharing great content and inspiring stories. We have outlined the following community guidelines below. These apply to all users, user-generated content, and user activities on our platform.

Breaking the Law

We expect all users to adhere to all relevant local, national, and international laws while using Quest Portal. Any content or activity that features, encourages, offers, or solicits illegal behavior is prohibited.

Respecting Privacy

At Quest Portal, we prioritize the privacy of others. Sharing private information without authorization or pretending to be someone else is strictly forbidden. This covers sharing personal data without permission and doing anything that goes against someone's reasonable expectation of privacy.

Promoting a Positive Experience of the Platform

Any behaviour that disrupts, harms, or violates the integrity of Quest Portal services is not allowed. This includes spamming, scams, spreading misinformation, or engaging in malicious conduct that hinders the user experience.

Sharing Content

At Quest Portal, we firmly stand against the distribution of pornography, sexually explicit content, or any material endorsing sexual violence or exploitation. Users who are found sharing this type of content are immediately suspended.

Suspension and removal of content.

We reserve the right to remove content that is deemed inappropriate or harmful and to suspend accounts at any time for such conduct.

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