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Unlock your creativity as a Game Master and Worldbuilder with Quest Portal Pro. Create memorable characters, epic adventures, and immersive worlds with our ease-to-use virtual tabletop.

Quest Portal Pro

Improve your game and creativity

Quest Portal Pro is the ultimate companion for Game Masters, providing reliable answers to questions about rules and mechanics and helps you draft ideas for places, character backstories, and more.

Quest Portal Assistant
Level Up with the Quest Portal Assistant

The Quest Portal Assistant is the ultimate companion for Game Masters, providing reliable answers to questions about rules and mechanics and helps you draft ideas for places, character backstories, and more.

Avatar Generator
Unleash your creativity with Avatar Generator

Creating unique and memorable characters is a cornerstone of TTRPGs. With the Avatar Generator, you can breathe life into your characters like never before. This powerful AI Image generator creates stunning portraits that vividly capture the essence of your unique heroes and heroines.

Library Link
AI Assistant cites official sources

The Library Link gives the Quest Portal Assistant access to knowledge about supported TTRPGs. No longer will you be left searching for references or flipping through pages. The Quest Portal Assistant effortlessly provides you with answers and cites the relevant chapters from official sources.

AI Notes
Elevate your homebrew

Experience limitless creativity with AI Notes. Generate captivating characters, quests, encounters, secrets, location, and items for your TTRPG adventures. Unlock boundless possibilities with freestyle mode and immerse your players in unforgettable tabletop narratives.

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Quick tutorial on how to use the AI Assistant and Notes in Quest Portal.


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Virtual Tabletop

Easy to use and immersive

Elegent virtual tabletop that takes moments to learn. Run games that feel immersive and enjoy features that allow you to focus on the story not the technology.

Call of Cthulu

Connect anywhere, anytime

Play with your friends on the go or from the comfort of you couch. The Quest Portal mobile app supports joining a session, rolling dice and having fun. Fire up the Assistant and you got yourself a perfect GM companion at your table.

Available now on iOS and Android.

Select scenes from our library of pre-made scenes.

Set the scene

We help you create epic stories to share with your friends. Upload your own assets or choose from our extensive library.

Scenes come with preloaded music and sounds.

Music sets the tone

Every scene comes pre-loaded with ambience music. Upload your visuals and use our music library to set the mood you want.

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Get started with Quest Portal

Elegent virtual tabletop that takes moments to learn. Run games that feel immersive and enjoy features that allow you to focus on the story not the technology.

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Frequency Asked Questions

  • Quest Portal is a simple yet powerful virtual tabletop (VTT) for playing TTRPGs on desktop and mobile devices.

    Game Masters can set up campaigns with ready-made scenes and maps that come with ambient music that can be revealed from the Fog of War, create character sheets as NPC or make them available to players to claim.

  • Pro subscribers get access to an assistant designed to make it a little bit easier to play TTRPGs.

    The assistant can draft ideas for character backstories, generate random tables for almost everything, and describe locations, to name a few use cases. With the Library Link, the Assistant can explain the rules and lore of supported TTRPGs. Note: The Quest Portal Assistant is not a Game Master. Their purpose is to make becoming a GM and playing more games a little bit easier.

  • The Library Link allows the Quest Portal Assistant to learn from your Library. The Library Link is available to Pro subscribers and grants them access to free sources like the DnD 5e SRD.

    The Quest Portal Assistant can also learn from purchased Library sources. Subscribers to both Quest Portal Pro and Chaosium Core can ask the Quest Portal assistant about the intricate rules and rich lore of Call of Cthulhu. You can ask about everything from the five core rulebooks, including investigator creation, spells, and monsters.

  • Pro subscribers can generate AI images by picking a style and describing their character.

    These unique avatar profiles are great for getting a consistent look for your campaign across NPCs, character sheets, and tokens.

  • Absolutely!

    We have all the building blocks you need to create and run your campaigns and one-shots.

  • Subscriptions auto-renew at the end of each monthly billing period. As a new user, you'll receive a 7-day free trial to explore the game and its features.

    However, if you've already claimed a free trial before, you won't be eligible for another one.

  • In case of billing issues, such as a declined or expired card, we provide a 3-day grace period that allows you to resolve the issue without losing access to your subscription.

    If you have any other issues with your subscription, please contact us.

  • We are a passionate team of 13 nerds and two dogs.

    We design and code Quest Portal in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland. Head over to to read more about our party.

  • No - you can use the Free plan for as long as you want.

    We aim to make TTRPGs more accessible, so a generous free plan will always be available.

  • If you decide to cancel your subscription, it will be effective at the end of your current billing cycle. You'll still have access to everything until that date, but after that, you won't be charged, and your access will be revoked. To cancel, go to the platform where you initiated your subscription:


    Apple App Store:

    Google Play Store:

  • No - players can use Quest Portal for free for as long as they want.

  • No - we don’t offer subscription sharing at this time.

    We might rethink that strategy, let us know if you really like to see that.

  • The Quest Portal Assistant uses a method known as RAG, or retrieval augmented generation for knowledge-intensive NLP tasks. This method works by understanding user input in natural language, creating embeddings, which are high-dimensional vector representations of text, and measuring semantic similarity between various sources.

    These sources include our Library and a massive database of human-curated explanations of rules, lore, and gameplay mechanics. Once contextually relevant information has been retrieved, we feed that into a large language model configured to generate context-specific responses.

    Our R&D team has worked in natural language processing and artificial intelligence since 2008 as well as playing tabletop roleplaying games since the 90s. Merging those fields is a dream come true!

  • Elder has served its purpose as a phenomenal prototype for the Quest Portal Assistant.

    We couldn’t turn off its servers, so we’re storing Elder under a glacier in Antarctica.

Free features available for all


Roll for initiative

Roll from your character sheet or make custom rolls in your session.

Map tools

Awesome map tools

Get the most out of your play session with powerful map tools.


Campaign chat

Chat in session or continue the game in between sessions.

Join the adventure

Quickly create a campaign, invite you friends and start playing right away with hundreds of scenes, maps and sounds at your fingertips.