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Nov 24, 2023  ·  4 min read






Write notes together with collaborative Note tool.
Have fun taking notes together or in private. Perfect for world building, sharing handouts, and capturing information in sessions.

We have built a powerful note editor that allows you to take notes as your prepare for a session as a game master or during sessions as a player. Notes can be private or shared and they are fully collaborative. Our note editor is also the heart of the Universal sheets all features of the note editor are available there.

Collaborative note editor

Creating with others is way more fun. When working together on shared notes, players can see each others cursors and see updates in real time. This makes taking notes more fun and interactive.

When you and another player have a note open at the same time you will see each others cursors.

Powerful notes editor that is collaborative.

How to use Notes

The editor comes equipped with what you would expect from an editor. You can create headings, paragraphs, lists and more. You can embed images and add tables.

Additionally, there are several role-playing specific features built into the note editor such as Roll Buttons.

Adding new elements to your note

When you go into a new line in the editor you will see the floating menu appear with several options.

Floating menu with icons to quickly create new note elements.

What do the icons mean?

By default, a new line will be a paragraph element. The options you see in the floating menu are:

  • H1 - Heading level 1
  • H2 - Heading level 2
  • H3 - Heading level 3
  • Star icon - Open Assistant in Notes (Pro feature).
  • Checkbox - Add a checkbox
  • Image - Add an image
  • Table - Add a table
  • Callout - Add a callout box
  • Hexagon - Add a roll formula.
  • Line - Add a horizontal line / divider

Change elements in your note

When you select an element (text, table, etc.) in your note you will see another menu appear. We call this menu our bubble menu. It allows you to make cosmetic changes such as bolding or applying italics. It also allows you to change the selected element to another type of element.

Bubble menu allows you to apply updates to text and change elements to other types.

What do the icons mean?

The first icon shows you by default what type of element you have selected. You can click that to get the dropdown to select a new type of element. The other icons are:

  • B for bolding text
  • I for applying italics
  • U for applying underline
  • T for applying strikethrough
  • Link icon to create a hyperlink
  • Pen icon to highlight text

Features to improve your game

Roll buttons

Rolling dice is what role-playing games are all about. You can create roll buttons that do exactly what it says on the tin: allow you to roll dice. Behind every roll button is a roll string that determines how many and the types of dice that should be rolled.

Roll buttons can be named or have a label so you can have button that says Strength and will roll 1d20+5 when you press it.

Roll buttons serve an important function in making Universal sheets very powerful for creating sheets for any system there is out there.


Creating tables can be powerful in organizing the contents of your notes. When you create a table you get an unstyled table. You can then easily add more rows or columns, remove them, or change them to header rows or header columns.

Create tables to organize your content.

Assistant in Notes

Pro users have the power of the assistant in their notes. You can create character concepts, descriptions of locations, rollable tables, and more.

A prompt dialog to create a new character concept with AI Assistant in Notes.