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Jun 10, 2024  ·  2 min read

Creating meaningful connections between player characters

Making connections cover

Your players have done the unthinkable: They've created a backstory for their characters and done their best to link them to your world.

How do you go about creating connections between those characters?

In this post, we highlight some ways you could use the Quest Portal Pro features to create connections between characters based on their backstories and the information you have on your world.

Using AI Notes

You can use the AI Notes feature to generate connections based on the backstories of different characters.

Write out (or paste from other sources) the backstories into a note. Then you can use "/" to open the command menu and select Freestyle option.

This will open the prompt dialog and you can write what you want to generate.

The AI Notes take the prompt, plus the information already in the note and your campaign description to generate an answer.

One note with all player character backstories

Working with organized notes

Another way to approach using AI Notes is to have your notes organized. Each player character might get a note, so you can include the backstory and any additional pointers you have made about them.

Then you can follow the same steps as above and inject more context into the prompt by @mentioning the player character notes.

Use @mentions to inject context into prompts.

When this prompt runs, it will use the information in the player character's notes as well as the campaign description and any existing information in the note.

Using the AI Assistant

The Assistant tool is also very handy when brainstorming possible connections between characters.

You can paste in the information along with your prompt or question and the assistant will start to generate an answer.

AI Assistant question and answer

The benefit of using the AI Assistant over AI Notes is that it allows for a better back and forth.

If the backstories or the information you want to feed in are quite long, you can split them into different messages and then ask your question.

The AI Notes and AI Assistant are part of the Quest Portal Pro subscription. Try it our with our 7-day free trial.