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Mar 13, 2024  ·  3 min read

AI Assistant in Notes





Create more with AI Notes in Quest Portal.

Quest Portal Pro offers multiple ways to interact with AI Assistants who are experts in the TTRPG systems you are playing.

The AI Assistant in Notes is available to Game Masters or Players who are worldbuilding or improving the notes they take during sessions.

Creating with AI Notes

To start creating with your AI Assistant in Notes you can either type in "/", a forward slash, to get suggestions on different generation themes or select the star icon from the floating menu.

Once you have selected your generation theme, you will see a dialog to write in your prompt.

Empty prompt dialog to instruct the AI Assistant in Notes.

Here you can describe or instruct the AI on what you are trying to achieve. For each generation theme, Quest Portal has created more accurate prompts and your specific instructions will be included.

The prompts consider the system you are playing (you can change this in your campaign settings), the information you have provided in your campaign description, and the note you are already within.

The results of generating

When you start generating the Assistant will stream the response as soon as it is ready.

The results of a generated character concept.

Once the generation is complete you will see options to keep what was created by the Assistant, to try again, or to discard.

  • Keeping the generated results will insert it into your note.
  • Try again will start generating again using the same prompt instructions.
  • Discard will remove the results and the prompt dialog and give you a new empty paragraph instead.

You can change the instructions before trying again to make tweaks. Additionally, you can change the generation theme.

Generation themes

The following is an overview of the currently available generation themes.

Character concept

Generating a character concept will create a name, description, noticeable aspects, wants and needs, and secrets or obstacles for a character or NPC.


Generate a random encounter with a description and a list of possible loot.


Write any custom instructions you want. Minimal prompt assistance is provided behind the scenes.


Generate a list of items that have a name and a description.


Create a location with a basic description, atmosphere and a list of aspects you can use to help summarize the location.


Generate a quest for your players. Provides a title of the quest and a description.

Random table

Generate a random rollable table for whatever you want.

Random rollable table created by the AI Assistant in Notes.


Generate a list of secrets with a name and description.

Strong start

Create a description that might kickstart an encounter or scene.