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Mar 13, 2024  ·  4 min read



Library cover image featuring the mobile library.

In the Library you will find all the books you have access to. These can be free sources, such as the D&D 5e SRD, or sources that come with a paid subscription like Chaosium Core.

The Library is available on desktop and mobile and features a powerful search function that helps you find answers quickly.

Organization in the Library

Your Library is organized by game systems. You can then click on a game system in order to see the available sources for that system.

Library overview page in Quest Portal.

Any game system you see will have at least one free book or source for you to read.

When viewing a game system you will see all the sources listed in a similar grid.

View of all sources for a game system in the Library.

Books that are behind a paywall are grayed out and have the crown icon on them. Other sources that are free to use or you have unlocked appear normal.

When you have selected the book you want to read you can navigate through the book using the sidebar on the left. In the sidebar, the contents of the book are organized into folders and pages.

Selecting a page will open that page in the viewer and selecting a folder will expand that folder.

A book is organized into pages and folders available in the sidebar.

In many of the books in the Library there are references to other pages in the books or specific entries. These can be used to quickly navigate to those pages and back.

Example of links to pages within a Library book

Links have the page icon with the arrow and are underlined. Clicking on a link will open that page.

Once you have opened a page you can always click the back arrow next to the name of the page you are viewing in the page header to go back to your previous page.

Searching content in Library

The Library search is very powerful and can surface content across game systems and sources. It users semantic search, meaning it will be able to find results with similar meaning in case you don't use the exact word or phrase that appears in the result.

Search result in the Library.

When you search the matching results are shown as cards. In each card you will see the search phrase highlighted if there's an exact match.

The cards also show you where the result can be found in the hierarchy of the library. In the above example it would be the Pathfinder 2e game system, Beastiary 3 book, in the Chapter Monsters, under the Section H within the Hag entry.

Where you initiate the search matters. If you are viewing a specific page and you search you are searching through the specific source you have open. If you are viewing a game system and search you will search within the sources of that game system. Likewise, if you are at the top level of the Library and search then you are searching across all your game systems and sources.

You can change the level you are searching on by using the filter pills at the top of the search results. The blue pill shows the current level and clicking on the others will move to that level. This is helpful if you initiate the search at the source level, but actually want to search all sources within the game system.

Context you are searching within show as filter pills on the search result page.

Other Library functionality

There are a few other fun things you can do in your Library. First of all, you can favorite pages for quick access later.

Favoriting creates a new section in the Library sidebar called Favorites. You can favorite pages from the page header by clicking the star.

From the header you can also click the ... menu to see an option to copy a link to the page as well as to report an issue. The reporting functionality is to get a message to us about the contents of the page you are viewing. Please use that if you spot any errors!