Feb 2, 2024

RuneQuest comes to Quest Portal!

Image of the new RuneQuest books in Chaosium Core

RuneQuest has been added to the Chaosium Core Library

RuneQuest comes to Quest Portal 🎉

We have added LevelUp 5e, a free claimable D&D adventure, and included RuneQuest with Chasoium Core!

Build your adventures in Glorantha with RuneQuest and the Assistant 🧌

For all you RuneQuest fans out there, you can now explore the world of RuneQuest with these awesome books:

  • Roleplaying in Glorantha
  • Glorantha Bestiary
  • Gamemaster Adventures

Enjoy getting to know the rich world of Glorantha, where mythology, magic and fantasy all weave into one.

The RuneQuest Assistant can help you build characters, learn more about the world, and give you ideas on the fly. Test it out with Quest Portal Pro and Chaosium Core.

Never played in Glorantha? Try out the basic rules for free in our Library.

We have made it easier to play Dungeons & Dragons on Quest Portal 🧙

We have added Level Up 5e: Advanced to the Library. Level Up 5e builds upon the rules of the D&D 5e SRD, with more backgrounds, spells and lore. Check out the LevelUp 5e team on: https://www.levelup5e.com/

🧙 Try out the Assistant with a 7-day free trial for Quest Portal Pro

Write your own D&D adventure with the aid of the Assistant; you can bounce off ideas, generate random encounters and pull up information from the 5e SRD and LevelUp 5e.

⚔️ Claim Mirehaven's Curse, a new 5e adventure, for free with Universal Character Sheets

You can now go and play Mirehaven's Curse with your friends. We have included Universal Sheets to make it easier to set up your characters. We also included some pre-generated monsters and you can always add more by searching in the library and copy-paste them to your sheets!

Rich from D&D Reinkarnated wrote this amazing adventure and was so kind to offer people claiming the adventure on Quest Portal a 25% discount on their Patreon. If you are playing Dungeons & Dragons 5e, go check Rich out at: https://www.dndreinkarnated.com/

We hope you enjoy exploring the new world of Glorantha and go on epic adventures in whatever 5e universe you are in!