Mar 5, 2024

Polishing the TTRPG writing and reading experience

Sparkles around Improvements

Improvements and polish.

Between larger projects, like our AI Notes and bringing Character Sheets to our iOS and Android Mobile Apps, we like to spend time with our current features. We take great pride in our craft and love sitting by the hearth and applying a thick layer of polish.

Here’s a rundown of our improvements in the last 7 days:

  • AI Notes.
    • Improved shortcuts. Hit enter to start and escape to cancel.
    • Improved how we pull information about your character into AI Notes.
  • Library.
    • Added better loading states for the previous and next buttons.
    • Fixed how previous and next buttons handle folders.
  • Notes.
    • Fixed margin of tables.
    • Fixed an issue with pasting stuff in the title area.
  • Home.
    • Improved the creation flow of new Universal / Blank campaigns.
  • iOS and Android Apps.
    • Improvements to the bottom bar in preparation for bringing Characters into Sessions on mobile.
  • Sheets.
    • Fixed a few issues with tabs, GM's couldn’t rename tabs of player sheets, in some cases tabs didn't show up if they where alone (stagefright?), and reordering had some kinks.
    • Added some logging to Sheets to debug issues in the future better.
  • Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet
    • Improved hover states and cursor behavior.
  • Scenes.
    • You can now upload GIF tokens.

Thank you for taking the time to read our changelog! Don't hesitate to drop by our Discord and let us know what area should receive our next bottle of sparking polish ❤️