Jan 15, 2024

Mobile Character Sheets so you can adventure anywhere!

Image of Character Sheets on the Quest Portal App

You can now create and edit your Character Sheets on the mobile app

Adventure from Anywhere with your Character Sheets on Quest Portal’s Mobile App ✨

We are excited to tell you that our mobile app has received a major upgrade!

Are you commuting to your session and forgot that Paula, your character, died last time? No problem, create your Call of Cthulhu Character in no time on the bus. Did you also just realise that you forgot your dice? Never mind, just roll from your character sheet in the app!

✨ User-friendly navigation on the mobile app

We upgraded the navigation so we can continue to work on nice new features for you. You will see a swanky new bottom bar on the app that allows you to navigate between campaigns, characters, the assistant and settings.

🪼 Enhanced Call of Cthulhu Character Sheets

You can edit your Call of Cthulhu Characters and create new ones. With more or less all the features that you have on your desktop. So roll, fight, and update your personal travel notes - all from the app!

You can check out our blog here on how to create a Call of Cthulhu Character

🧙 Universal Character Sheets for your favourite Roleplaying Game

You can now create a Character Sheet for your favourite roleplaying game on the mobile app too! Use different tabs for your character's attributes and use the note editor to add headings, tables, images check-boxes, boxtext AND the most exciting thing - roll buttons! 🎉

We are still working on our universal sheets, so there is more to come soon!

📂 Pop Out Character Sheets for the Game Master

We also must mention that you can now pop out the Character Sheets on the desktop, just like you can pop out notes and chat. Handy for the Game Master that wants it all at once on the screen!

We hope you have fun using the mobile app on your adventures!