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May 16, 2023  ·  9 min read

The Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet


Call of Cthulhu character sheet overview

The Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet

In the tutorial below our very own Gummi is here to walk us through the Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet in Quest Portal.

Quest Portal has the best support for playing Call of Cthulhu online of any VTT. Learn more about the character sheets by watching the tutorial or reading about the anatomy of the character sheets below.

Overview of the Call of Cthulhu character sheet

1. Character options

In the top right corner you can access your character options.

  • If you are the GM viewing your own characters you will see options to make characters claimable or hide/show them.
  • If you are the GM viewing a player character your will see options to manage that character within your campaign.
  • Players will see options to manage their character, such as going into edit mode.

2. Sheet tabs

The Call of Cthulhu sheet has multiple tabs or pages that contain different information.

  • The main tab is called Stats and contains the main characteristics and skills of your character.
  • The Combat tab contains skills and characteristics related to being in combat as well as you list of weapons.
  • The Bio and Possession tabs contain text fields that are standard on the CoC sheet.
  • The Notes tab includes a text editor where you can add any additional information you want about your character.

3. Call of Cthulhu characteristics

You character's main characteristics such as Hit Points, Sanity, Luck, and more can be found at the top of the Stats tab. Characteristics that you can roll dice for are a lighter gray and look like a button. By clicking them you will roll dice for those characteristics.

To edit your characteristics in the Quest Portal Cthulhu sheets you can click the manage button or right click on a characteristics and choose edit.

4. You character's skills

The list of skills comes prefilled with the default values for a Call of Cthulhu 7th edition character. You can manage this list of skills and edit the values by clicking the manage button or right clicking.

From the manage modal you can choose to show/hide certain skills or create your own custom skills.

Right clicking will show you options to roll a skill requiring either a normal, hard or extreme success. If you choose either hard/extreme Quest Portal will do the calculation for you to see if you succeeded or not.

5. The list of characters

You can easily navigate between characters when playing in the right sidebar. Just click on the character avatars to view that character.

If you are the GM you can also add new characters by clicking the plus button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Mobile character sheets for Call of Cthulhu

We recently added support in our mobile app for viewing and creating Call of Cthulhu characters.

Call of Cthulhu character sheet on mobile.

You can create characters on the fly using the mobile app or play in-person and roll dice straight from the sheet on your mobile device.

Existing characters, created either on the mobile app or in the web app, can be viewed and edited.

Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet overview transcript

Howdy! Today, I'm gonna show you the Call of Cthulhu sheet and how it works, how you can set up your character and to play a game of Call of Cthulhu. If you hit the app, you can navigate over to your character screen by clicking the character's icon right here on the left. From there you click new character.

And create a Call of Cthulhu character sheet. This will bring up the character editor. And as you can see, you get a blank Call of Cthulhu sheet. The main characteristics are all set to zero, but the skills are set to the default lowest value. Let's start by customizing the character a bit, just so it feels more alive. I'm gonna give you the name: Mr. Mandrake.

Let's choose. A nice avatar for him. Ooh, this one. I like this one. So. Hit this let's add a token. He feels gray-ish, Maybe. A little bit square. [00:01:00] So now his token is set. As for the sheet itself you can see the core characteristics here at the top. There are two main ways to can edit any of the stats.

You can hit this manage button. And the manage button. Will edit any of the stats that are below it. As you can see, click manage. And it brings up this dialogue. You can edit the display name of the statistic if you need to, but ideally you are editing the score. So let's say he scores. Okay. On strength. Decent dex. He's quite intelligent. He's a handsome fellow. Low pow. So if I save. You can see that the. statistics have been updated. I can do the same for the hit points, but there I wanna right click. To hit, edit. So I'm gonna set it to the max value. I could have changed the max as well.

He's starting out with fairly high sanity.[00:02:00] And he rolled okay on his initial luck. So let's start there. He's a move of five.

Yeah, this is the best way to edit things quickly. Either, either right click or click the manage is when you see the manage button. And you can do the same for the skills. The skills are come in a bit different dialogue. Again, you can edit any of the names. That are displayed.

You can edit the scores. But you can also remove and add stuff to the sheet. So let's say I won't use anthropology because it's gonna be a skill that I don't foresee using. I can. Remove that. And it will disappear from the list and from this same menu, I can add a custom skill if I wanted to add something like that's very bespoke to my character. But you can also just do it by changing any of the values here You can do Gummi's mega skill.

Let's add that to [00:03:00] the sheet. And it will appear. Right here.

And that's the stats tab there. As you can see, there are multiple taps. So let's go into the combat tab. The combat tab will show you some of the things that are relevant for you in combat. You have some of the other. characteristics available to you here. You can change the values again by right clicking and choosing edit.

You have the combat skills and you have any of the weapons that you might wanna bring in. If you click manage on the weapons. It works similar to the skills. You can add it to the sheet. You can rename, you can add a custom weapon. And let's say I have a, some type of pistol a 38 or a nine millimeter revolver. I'll bring it here. And we'll just show up in this table. The bio fields are the same fields as you would find on a normal character Cthulhu sheet. Same thing with the possessions. [00:04:00] But the notes is a way for you to kind make it your own. You can write whatever you want in here. And this is just a text editor, so I can do like description.

And I can write something out tall and handsome.

And that's pretty much it.

So when you've actually brought the character into a game, either as a GM character, or you as a player have brought in the character for to play with. From here, the sheet looks the same. It's accessible on the right from the sheet tab. But when we're playing a game, of course, we wanna roll some dice. So let's say I've been asked to do like a climb check. I can just click the climb skill. It will roll. Some dice for me. And I can see from this menu right here. That I failed. I I rolled the 46. versus my 20 skill. Skill check and it was it was a failure.

I can see that the results also appear in chat for everybody else to see. But[00:05:00] let's say I wanted to do something else and I might, it might be a hard check to do so. My first aid is quite high. I might have to do like a hard roll. I right click to bring up the menu. Roll hard And you can see that I got a 85 versus a 15 instead of a 30.

So the actual skill level check is factored in. From here from this menu as well, I can add bonus dice. So if I do that and I roll a regular check. it'll roll. up One more time. And it will calculate everything for me to make it so I can just see if I succeed in or not. And now I got a seven versus thirty, which is a hard success. I can also develop this skill, which means that if I use this successfully in a game then. I get this small green check mark in front of it. Which means I can roll for developing that skill before my next game. If I'm playing like a long [00:06:00] term, Cthulhu campaign. And that's pretty much it that's the Call of Cthulhu sheet, that's how you use it in a game. If you have any questions, hit us up in the comments below, or reach out to us on discord and enjoy your games.