Jul 1, 2024

Feedback and News

Feedback & News

Feedback & News

Hello Questers!

Our Playtest of Templates on Discord was fantastic and we’re so close to launching.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Playtest for Character Sheet Templates. There was some stellar feedback that we implemented where we could. Our starter templates are going to be so much better thanks to their input. Delta Green, RuneQuest, D&D 5e… to name but a few!

Behind the scenes, the devs and designers have been hard at working getting everything ship shape for the Templates launch. So much so, that Soon(™) should be known as is THIS WEEK!!! Keep an eye out on Discord for announcement of the soft launch!

We also got a chance to squash a bug or two: notably Session Stories were not generating for some folks. That’s now fixed and highlights of your games should generate as usual.

Today also marks the beginning of our monthly newsletter. We aim to cover the past month’s changelogs, helpful hints for getting the most out of Quest Portal and shed a light on our community members.


  • Mobile: Fixed issue where notes were not restored properly from trash.
  • Session Stories fixed.
  • Monthly Newsletter started.

Pro Hint: If you need to undo something you can either Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z on the web or shake your phone.

Happy Gaming!