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Jul 1, 2024  ·  3 min read

Notes, Libraries and the Mobile App - July Newsletter

July 2024 Newsletter

Hello Questers!

Quest Portal’s adventures over the past 2 months have been quite varied, from new features to bug fixing and making new friendships!


The Quest Portal Library has been busy acquiring new books for everyone to read:

With these SRDs in the Library, our AI Assistant can now read from them as resources, and better answer questions about the games we’re playing.

Mobile Notes

If you haven’t used the mobile apps in a while, you will notice a massive overhaul. A big step towards our goal of creating the best VTT mobile app, we have added Character Sheets and Notes to iOS and Android apps.

Keep an eye on updates in the app store for the latest versions!


New Powerful Features for Notes. Notes got even more amazing this month with the addition of Widgets: Did you know that you can add Slots, Roll Buttons and Points from the floating menu, or by typing /s /b or /p.


We’re excited to talk about the launch of our Playtester’s Program! As with any new feature, we need to test it. This is done in multiple stages, and so we turned to our Discord to be a part of our small Playtesters Program trial - and the community came out strong. 

This round of playtesting was aimed at testing the content of Template Character Sheets - which should be released by the end of the week! Our hope with Template Character Sheets is you can share your Universal Character Sheet designs with other players, fellow GMs and create your own sheets for your custom gaming systems! 

With over 20 starter templates to test before launch, the playtesters on Discord have done an amazing job with their feedback and we will definitely be expanding our call for playtesters in the future. To keep on top of the latest playtest, head over to the Discord and keep an eye on your inbox for future Quest Portal Newsletters.

Helpful Hint

Did you know that if you have a Pro subscription, you can prompt the AI Notes to create Stat Blocks with rollable buttons?! Try: “Create stats for a D&D 5e characters, anything rollable should include a roll button in the format ”

Community Spotlight

Before we leave, we want to share with you the creative endeavors of our community: our friend Kyle over at The Essential Gamemaster made a great series of tips and guides on how to start GMing - also great advice for experienced GM’s in there too. Go check them out on Youtube.

And that’s all folks. Tread carefully into the hallways, and may your Perception always be a natural 20.

Happy adventuring!
The Quest Portal Team