Jun 10, 2024

Developers At Work

Developers at work

Developers at Work

Hello Questers!

Hush descends across the office, and only the sound of tapping keyboards, clicking of the mouse buttons and the mutterings of “nearly there” serve to indicate the progress of a new feature being created.

It’s a quiet one this week. A couple of small bug fixes here and there, but mostly, we’ve been hard at work on our new feature, which we should be able to share over the next couple of weeks.

Instead of letting the changelog go without something cool to learn about Quest Portal, did you know that we have an entry on the Quest Portal Library all about Notes and a section all about Formatting Shortcuts. Between these two, you can make useful notes and beautiful character sheets! And Gummi just put together a new blog on using the AI Notes feature and connecting notes within a campaign.

Also, hot news straight out of Mobile Dev: the bug plaguing us Android users over the weekend got fixed! Huzzah!

Mobile Improvements:

  • Android users can now access their notes.