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Nov 24, 2023  ·  4 min read






Drag tokens onto the map to upload them to Quest Portal

Drag and drop tokens onto your map, positioning them to create a beautiful and dynamic battlemap experience. With the ability to resize and rotate tokens, you can effortlessly customize each element to suit the map's layout perfectly. Whether you're a game master, a player, or a cartographer, this user-friendly feature will bring your vision to life, making each map a truly unique and engaging creation.

How to use Tokens

Uploading tokens to a scene or map

Let's start with the basics. If you want to bring in a token to a scene you have three options.

Option 1: Drag token onto map from your local files

The easiest option is to select an image or video file you have saved locally on your computer and drag into onto the scene. When doing this you will get the option of uploading as a scene or a token.

Option 2: Upload into your token drawer

When you open the token tool drawer you will see all tokens you have uploaded in that campaign. There you can drag a token into the drawer or click the upload button to add new tokens.

Option 3: Drag character tokens from token drawer

Every character (PCs and GM characters) have tokens. Those tokens appear at the top of the token tool drawer. You can drag those onto your scene as many times as you like.

Moving and using tokens

Tokens can be easily selected, moved, rotated, resized, removed, and copy/pasted.

A token that is selected.

Selecting token. A token can be select by clicking on it with the move tool enabled. If you have select tool enabled then you can also drag to select multiple tokens. All of the following actions can be applied to one or more tokens.

Move token. To move a token you have to have the move or select map tools toggled on. Then you can simply click the token and move it.

Rotate token. Once you have a token selected you will see a bounding box around it. If you hover just outside any of the corners of the bounding box, then you will see the cursor change to a rotation cursor and you can drag up/down or right/left to rotate.

Resize token. With the token select you can click and drag the corners of the bounding box to resize the token.

Remove token. With the token selected you can simply hit delete or backspace to remove a token.

Copy and paste token. With the token selected you can hit ctrl+c/cmd+c to copy a token, then ctrl+v/cmd+v to paste the token. The token will be pasted where your mouse cursor is.

Token actions

Token actions menu shown when a token is selected.

When a token is selected, the token actions menu will appear. It has the following options:

  • Hide/unhide token (eye icon)
  • Lock/unlock token (lock icon)
  • Toggle on/off bloodied state (drop icon)
  • Toggle on/off dead state (skull icon)
  • Delete token (trash icon).

Character tokens

Tokens for characters are special. When you create a character, you automatically get a token for your character. When you go into the character creator you will see a Token tool on the right side. There you can edit the style and color your character's token.

When playing you can see your character tokens in the Token tool in the session. The character tokens appear at the top of the drawer and can be dragged onto the map.

Read more about creating character avatars here.