Nov 27, 2023

Your dice formulas just got an extra something!

Image of the dice formula feature in Quest Portal

Wow, make your dice formula extra pretty!


  • Choose an icon and give your dice formula that special something. Perfect when you have many actions that you quickly want to tell apart or just make it extra pretty! ✨
  • We added a pop-up reminder for you, sometimes you need to log-in again to have the latest version of our features. Just be aware sometimes the changes are behind the hood so you might not notice 👀
  • You can now take a picture of yourself on the mobile app if you want to update your profile pic on the fly! 📸


  • We made improvements to our internal tools this week, which has made the content team incredibly happy and allowed us to move faster with conversion ❤️


  • We fixed a bug where the GM characters where not showing on mobile👀