Dec 21, 2021

Welcome Investigators

The Call of Cthulhu investigator sheets in Quest Portal.

The prototype of the investigator sheet for Call of Cthulhu.

  • Highlight your most used characteristics, stats, weapons, and notes.
  • A card pops out and tells you the results from the roll.
  • Roll with multiple options; regular, hard, and extreme, and the ability to add a bonus or penalty dice.
  • Roll from the command bar. Hit cmd+K, type the name of the skill, and select roll from there.


We have polished our new user creation, and onboarding flows in festive preparation for our alpha testers.

  • Added an email/password option
  • Added deep linking. Send someone a link to a certain campaign, and we will remember that through the new user creation process.
  • Pick a unique username. We will check our existing records and let you know if it is available.

💎 Improvements

  • Changing the GM of a campaign is now possible. It's behind a feature flag so ping us if you need this feature.
  • Some bug fixes for the duplication of campaigns.
  • Deleting a character had some issues that we fixed.
  • Loads of nice visual improvements in campaigns, home, and character apps. 💅