Mar 19, 2024

Upload GIFs as tokens

Cover for GIF tokens

Good tidings to ye! Another week passed, and lots of improvements were released. The big thing last week was that you can now upload GIFs as tokens. Here's a summary of what went on...

  • Notes & Sheets & Library
    • Serious improvements to loading speeds of Notes and universal character sheets.
    • @mentioning from Notes can now be autocompleted by pressing tab.
    • Added some nice loading skeletons (they are harmless) to Notes.
    • Fixed a bug where creating a roll button with [[ ]] sometimes removed a character from the next word.
    • Fixed an issue where images took up too much space.
    • Fixed a wonky UI issue where roll buttons broke out of the confines of their table prisons.
    • Fixed an issue where rolling from a character sheet that had been popped out wasn't showing correct info in the roll announcement.
    • Fixed an issue where tab names weren't being synced in universal character sheets.
    • Improvements to input fields in the Notes editor.
  • Session
    • You can now upload GIFs as tokens!
    • The "You are muted" notification had disappeared. It's back now.
    • Fixed an issue with video tokens taking up the full screen on mobile web.
  • Character/Avatar creator
    • You can now search in the "Select" tab of the avatar creator.
  • Assistant
    • Fixed an issue where our handy "Chat with us" icon went over the chat assistant send icon on mobile.
  • Other
    • Fixed a minor issue with allowed usernames.