Apr 11, 2023

Updates to our Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet

A man in his late 50s stares into the distance. Behind him is his chracter sheet Rupert Douglas Farthing with his stats.

Bring your characters into the game with our improved Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet

Hello, Questies! We have made some MAJOR improvements to our Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet to celebrate all the beautiful projects on the horizon with our good friends at Chaosium. We hope these improvements elevate your campaigns so you can focus on telling YOUR stories at the table. Also, if you happen to be in Ann Arbor, MI, this weekend, stop and say hi at Chaosium Con 2023. We have a few major announcements, so stay tuned to our socials (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram) for more updates!

✅ Improvements

  • Hit Points. Toggle your hit points down (and sometimes up 😉 ) with handy arrows.
  • Skills. Half skills will now round down per the dark deity's request. 
  • Luck & Sanity. Values have been adjusted to a max of 99
  • Combat. Weapons and attacks roll correctly from the combat tab and will update if changed. 
  • Scrollable Bio. For all of the backstory babes out there.
  • Damage Bonus. It should not be rollable –so we fixed it! 🪄
  • Starting Skills. We trimmed down the list to reflect the most used skills in the game.
  • Roll Alerts. We squished a bug that was interfering with the color of this popup. 
  • Fresh Characters. New Call of Cthulhu characters will start with a clean slate, ready for you to assign all skills and stats. 
  • Weapon Damage. All weapon damage will now have the modifier added to the roll.