Jul 25, 2022

The Avatar Designer

A male 3D avatar with dark hair, as well as the options to pick different hairstyles.

Customize your Avatar

Update: We've replaced the Avatar Designer with our new AI Avatars.

The Avatar Designer has been released! Head over to the Character Editor and customise your avatars. We are excited to see what you come up with! If you haven't already, join our Discord server and share your creations with the community.

✨ New

  • Avatar Designer. Create and customise your own character avatars.
  • Roll from chat. You can now type /roll or /r in chat to trigger a dice roll.

    Simple: /r 1d6, /roll 2d20, or /roll 2d6+5
    Drop/Keep: /roll 8d100k4, /roll 8d100kl4, /roll 8d100d4, /roll 8d100dh4
    Target Number (Successes): /roll 3d6>3
    Matching: /roll 12d6mt

  • Premade characters. The game master can now create premade characters from the sheet tool in a campaign.

💎 Improvements

  • Campaign Profile. We now show the joined/invited date of players in context menus.
  • Avatars.
    1. New characters will be randomly generated with a random face, neck, skin tone, eyes, and eye-lashes.
    2. Avatar size and placement has been polished in the Character Editor.
    3. Item thumbnails in the Avatar Designer will now load faster.
    4. The colour picker in the Avatar Designer now outlines the selected colours so it's easier to see what colours are selected.
  • Changelog. We added pagination so that we only load a few entries simultaneously.
  • Website. Improved performance on the www.questportal.com website.
  • Tooling. Improved some internal tools.

🐞 Fixes

  • Avatar Designer. Fixed an issue where the categories were clipped, or the arrows didn't show up correctly.
  • Campaign. Fixed an issue where the Campaign Settings menu didn't close when clicking the Settings button.