Mar 28, 2022

Simple Character Sheets

The character sheet for Fenris Maknok that looks like an orc. His tagline is: "My tribe is proud and strong".

A simple character sheet for Fenris Maknok and their interesting background.

This week welcomes a ton of improvements to our Character Sheets. First, we've added a super simple character sheet for any system. This sheet emphasises role-playing with fields for the character backstory. You can also add some fun facts if you are in the mood. Second, we brought the excellent new dice to Character Sheets. You'll see beautiful 3D dice fly onto the screen when rolling from the character sheet.

✨ New

  • Simple Character Sheets with age, pronouns, backstory, and fun facts.
  • Characters Sheets now roll with our new dice roller.

💎 Improvements

  • Character Sheets. We added the player's name to the character sheet for easy reference.
  • Character Sheets. Your Character Sheet will now always be a the top, followed by other players. Any unclaimed characters will stay at the bottom.
  • Character Sheets. The windows for Skills and Weapons now save when you click outside.
  • Character Sheets. The text boxes are now easier on the eyes.

🐞 Fixes

  • Chat. We fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the chat to get stuck on a spinner.
  • Scenes. Fixed a similar issue that caused scenes to get stuck on a spinner after a refresh.
  • Character Sheets. Luck, Hit Points, and Sanity disappeared from the top of some character sheets. We fixed the underlying issue, but let us know if you've hit this issue and it's still broken.
  • Character Sheets. We fixed a nasty little bugger around removing pregens from campaigns. In some weird circumstances, it would cause the removal of other playing characters.
  • Character Sheets. We fixed an issue that allowed players to unclaim characters they didn't own.