Mar 21, 2022

Seven Dice walk into a Tavern

Multiple 3D dice scattered all over Quest Portal.

The standard d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d% are here.

We've added a simple dice menu with the basic seven-dice set. Tap your dice and watch them bounce around in beautiful 3D. This is our first step, so we look forward to your feedback!

💎 Improvements

  • Notes. Child Notes are now sorted by creation time.
  • Sessions. Long names are now much better.

🐞 Fixes

  • Scenes. Fixed an edge case where the save button in edit scenes would go out of view.
  • Sessions. Fixed an issue where people that joined before others would sometimes not appear in the top bar.
  • Campaigns. Fixed some issues when people declined or left campaigns and had a hard time getting back.
  • Notes. Fixed an issue when we incorrectly attributed a new child note to the parent notes creator.