Dec 1, 2021

Set the Scene

The scenes drawer in Quest Portal. The Game Master is ordering scenes by dragging them.

Viewing and organizing scenes in a session.

We're super excited to announce our Scenes feature. Role-playing is about collaborative storytelling, and setting the scene where those stories unfold is important. We've created Scenes to feel like a slideshow. The game master can easily navigate between the different scenes with the visuals and the atmosphere already attached and autoplay.

Scenes are a game master tool and won't be available for players to see.

What is a scene?

A scene is a narrative beat in your story, a backdrop to a collection of actions, a battlemap, or generic background. It's whatever visual the game master wants to show the players while the story is being told. Each scene comprises a visual and, optionally a soundscape/music. This way, when you change scenes, the atmosphere changes as well. As we build out Scenes, this feature will start to include more visuals you can show your players.

You can create your scene by uploading a visual and attaching your music. Or, you can use the hundreds of pre-made scenes in the Scenes tool.

We've partnered with many creators in the TTRPG space to provide us with background art, battlemaps, music and soundscapes.