May 1, 2024

Select Your TTRPG Game System

A dropdown menu listing Tabletop roleplaying games.

Selecting the TTRPG Game System you are playing will help us prioritize support.

In campaign settings, you can now set your campaign to a specific TTRPG game system. We offer official support for a few TTRPGs, (check out our Library) and plan to add support for even more in future updates.

To help us get the games you're playing prioritised for future support, we would love if you would let us know what you're playing! If your game is not listed in the Game System selection, let us know on Discord or over email and we'll make sure to add them.

Other Improvements

Over the last few weeks, we've made many improvements and fixes to our native iOS and Android apps and updated our web app.

iOS and Android improvements

  • Bunch of improvements to roll announcements
  • Session tools are now available in lobby
  • Improved how campaign information is handled. No need to pull to refresh anymore.
  • The GM can now edit campaign info, such as name, description, profile photo, and cover photo.
  • All sorts of campaign actions are now available, such as Leave campaign, Delete campaign, Duplicate campaign, Inviting Quest Portal users, and getting an invite link.
  • Added way to share invites via a native drawer.
  • Added missing search for invite empty state
  • Added the Invite friends card.
  • Improved the top bar scroll opacity
  • Add character from the campaign profile drawer.
  • Fixed padding to make space for the campaign toolbar.
  • Fixed presence room not joined correctly
  • Fixed sheet stuck in loading for deleted character
  • Add delete confirmation to delete account on mobile. You now need to write DELETE to delete the account.
  • Send verification mail after mobile signup
  • Fixed drawer bottom spacing on Android
  • Fix add to campaign only allowing you to add to owned campaigns
  • Fixed pending invites not updating right away
  • Fixed being able to invite already invited player
  • Fixed character sheet flicker on update character
  • Fixed chat bubble not dismissing right away on opening chat
  • Fixed notification being sent about player leave on campaign delete.
  • Fixed RuneScape runes not being rendered
  • Fixed Call of Cthulhu roll announcements not working from pop-out character sheets
  • Increases library source image size so the don't look blurry.

Web Improvements

  • Fixed issues with claiming a character would hide tabs on the character sheet.
  • Fixed width issues with text boxes in the Bio tab on the Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet.