May 2, 2022

Roll to Chat

Four cards showing the results from different dice rolls.

A few successful rolls in some lucky chat stream.

We're now showing your dice rolls in chat. You can roll with a few clicks through our Dice menu or simply click to roll from Character Sheets!

💎 Improvements

  • Accessibility. We added labels for screen readers to all of our buttons.
  • Character Sheets (Call of Cthulhu). Removed character limits for backstories. Some people have gone through a lot.
  • Music. We now allow the music to play throughout the app while you are in a session.
  • Notes. We’ve improved how we handle lost or orphaned notes; they should be automatically added to your private notes.
  • Sessions. We noticed some confusion between leaving campaigns and going back to the campaign lobby, so we made the name and icon of your group in the campaign settings clickable. It's sometimes the small things.
  • Sessions. You can now remove players from campaigns during sessions.

🐞 Fixes

  • Chat. We turned some bolts and tightened some screws behind the campaign chat.
  • Dice. We fixed a few inconsistencies between our 3D dice and a more advanced dice parser that handles everything up to the ninth dimension and math.
  • Audio Chat. We fixed some animations for the talking indicator. It should now be more clear who’s talking.
  • Music. We fixed a few broken music files.