Jun 3, 2024

Quest Portal Library Entry

Quest Portal Library Entry

Quest Portal manual added to The Library

If the answer is to check the manual - then we got you!

This week we spent a lot of time pulling together all the documentation (and features lists) into a Library for Quest Portal … IN Quest Portal. That’s right, we added the Quest Portal to the Library.

In our effort to be more helpful, we wanted to add the manual to the library to give you even more ways of finding help when it comes to Quest Portal - in addition to you being able to reach out to us on Discord, clicking the Chat with Us button in the app, emailing us (support@questportal.com) or by checking the Web and Youtube. And for Pro users, you can even ask your assistant about Quest Portal when its not in session!

Talking about being helpful, here’s two helpful tips:


Did you know that you can add Slots, Roll Buttons and Points in a table by using the "/" shortcut?

Pro User AI Tip

If you ask The Assistant to help generate character stats, you can also ask it to create rollable buttons for you too! Try: “Create stats for a D&D 5e characters, anything rollable should include a roll button in the format [[skill roll formula]]”


  • Quest Portal added to the Library
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  • Sheet Drawer Width is now responsive