Apr 25, 2022

Preview Experimental Features

The notes editor in Quest Portal.

Notes are now in Preview.

Feature previews are now shown in your account settings. These features are still under development; they might change at any moment, and data might get lost. We’re doing this because we value early feedback and honestly use our conversations with all of you to guide our daily direction.

🧪 Preview

Preview features are unstable; use with caution! Turn these feature previews on in Account Settings.
  • Notes. We’ve put our Notes into feature preview. We love everything about notes, but it’s not stable enough for us to be thrilled with them. We continue to invest heavily in making notes a phenomenal part of the Quest Portal experience.

💎 Improvements

  • Scenes. Cassie kept unintentionally deleting scenes, so we made the delete icon smaller and stuffed it in the bottom right corner.

🐞 Fixes

  • Notes. Fixed an issue where you could make a note of a child of itself. These circular references caused the notes to disappear. This can no longer happen.