Mar 7, 2023

Now available on Android

The image is of an two android devices stacked one in front of another. The one in the front shows a preview of 3 different campaigns. The one placed behind shows the chat feature.

Keep in touch between sessions right from your pocket.

Hello, dear adventurers! This week we are bringing some major updates from the mobile realm. Quest Portal is NOW AVAILABLE on Android. That’s right! Now you can chat with your friends and foes between sessions from the convenience of your Android device. Check us out on the Google Play store, and while you’re there, feel free to drop us a review!


  • Android. View your campaigns, chat with your friends, and roll some dice with our handy Android app.

We’ve also updated the iOS version of our app with the following changes:

🐞 Fixes

  • Mobile Notifications. We fixed a couple of issues with lingering push notification badges.
  • Mobile Chat. We fixed an issue where copying a message crashed the app. Now, when you copy a message, it's copied to your clipboard, and the app stays nicely uncrashed.