Jan 10, 2024

New TTRPG Game Systems in our Library

Three new SRD's in our Library.

Image showing three Roleplaying Systems, Fate Core, Mark of the Odd and Forged in the Dark

Hey all!
We are back after some relaxing vacation time, and all of us are getting really excited for the coming months. 🥳

Awesome SRD's added to our library

The highlight of this week is that we have added two new SRD’s to the library! These are two awesome roleplaying games that I am sure you will love and that some of you have been waiting for.

🔵 Fate Core SRD

A roleplaying game about ordinary people who live pretty dramatic lives. The System is perfect for people who want to play out a blockbuster movie or in a world where something is just a little bit off. You could get inspired by watching The Unsleeping City by Dimension 20, where Brennan shows his love of New York City or check out Lockwood and Co, a paranormal post-apocalyptic world. Super sweet system to write your own stories!

Fate uses the Fudge dice roll system so of course, we needed to add some dice to Quest Portal! You can now roll dice that shows blank, minus, and plus by writing /roll 1df in the chat. You can also create dice rolls by using brackets. For example [[1df]] to roll one Fate dice.

🥳 Evil Hat and Randy Oest

Evil Hat is an awesome company that you should go check out if you haven't. They publish Fate and many more Game Systems.

Randy Oest has done some awesome work making Table Top Roleplaying games accessible, check out their project at https://randyoest.com/; you will not be disappointed.

🍄 Into the Odd SRD added to the library.

An awesome theatre of the mind-system created by Chris McDowall. You might recognize the name Electric Bastionaland, which expands on the Into the Odd system. You should check him Chris's work at https://www.bastionland.com/

Into the Odd has also been used as an inspiration for many games, such as Mausritter! 🐭

💎 Improvement to Blades in the Dark SRD

We added Blades in the Dark a couple of weeks back and now we have improved the library linking for the Assistant, it should be more accurate and give you better information.

✨All of the SRD’s have a dedicated Assistant

If you have Quest Portal Pro, then you can use The Assistant for all of these systems. They can brainstorm with you ideas about your homebrew world and link you to the rules and resources.

🤷‍♀️ What about the tech stuff?

We have been working on improving the mobile experience behind the scenes, making things work smoother and eventually look better for the next release, the fancy 2.0.0!

Let us know if you decide to run Fate Core, Into the Odd or Blades in the Dark and tell us what type of shenanigans you got into! And happy world-creating from all of us here at Quest Portal 🧙