Jan 24, 2022

New account settings

A 3D clay computer showing account settings in Quest Portal.

Account settings.

Signed up with a temporary profile photo that you have been eager to update? Fear not - Account settings are live! You can now upload your newest selfie, change your username and pick out a newly added display name - all accessible from the profile menu in the top right corner of the app.

💎 Improvements

  • Avatars are now bigger and nicer looking.
  • Multiple improvements to the Session Top Bar.
  • We found a memory leak in sessions and plugged it.
  • We went on Safari and fixed a few bugs related to Avatars on Safari.
  • A couple of fixes for selecting Characters.
  • Fixed the carousel arrows on the Home screen.
  • Creating a campaign while in used to end the session. It no longer does.
  • Opening changelog notes is now easier as we no longer move the "see more" link to a random place.