May 27, 2024

Mobile Notes

Mobile devices showcasing Quest Portal's Notes

Notes on Mobile

Access all the Notes we need on the go? Slots for homebrew Universal Character Sheets? Yes and yes, because you deserve it.

We are very pleased to announce that Notes have come to Mobile Devices - including all the Notes features available on the web app. This includes the new Points and Slots widgets, the cross linking of @ mentions and the AI Notes Assistant to create locations, secrets and items on the fly!

SLOTS! Yes that’s right, the slots widget is here. In your Notes and on your Character Sheets, you can now add slots to track all sorts of things, from spell slots to equipped items to prepared items… the possibilities are all at your fingertips with the ability to mark half and full slots.

The Library also continues to grow as we add the Paragon SRD and the Cypher SRD into our system.


iOS and Android Improvements

  • Notes now available on mobile apps
  • Fix: Android keyboard now collapses when the Notes drawer closes.