Feb 26, 2024

Improvements for preparing and playing TTRPGs.

Sparkling Improvements

It's the small things so you can enjoy preparing and playing your favorite TTRPGs.

Greetings, Keepers of Arcane Lore, Masters of Games, and Rollers of Dice,

We're looking forward to showcasing a few big features we're working on, but today, we're listing the small, big things. The stuff that significantly affects our quality of life as we prepare and play our favorite TTRPGs!

  • Mobile. We made massive improvements to the battery performance of our iOS and Android apps - as well as a lot of polish and improvements.
  • Notes. We made many improvements to tables in Campaign Notes and Character Sheets; they’re now more manageable to work with, copy, and paste. We also fixed an issue where Roll buttons would sometimes not work in pop-out notes.
  • Characters. We now remember your sorting preference on the characters overview page and added some excellent polish.
  • Library. We’ve added buttons to navigate to the "next page" and "previous page" for more straightforward navigation.
  • Chat. We fixed a long-running issue where opening the chat for the first time would sometimes fail.
  • Sessions: Fixed the Mic indicator, for some weird cases.
  • Scenes. Fixed a couple of issues with video scenes. Placing tokens would sometimes misbehave.
  • Campaigns. Claiming pre-made campaigns would sometimes have empty Character Sheets.

In total, we completed 40 bug tickets and 48 polish tasks since our last changelog 🎉