Jun 20, 2022

Find scenes faster

A search field with "Library" sits above two different library scenes.

A couple of different libraries are available in Quest Portal.

Finding the right scene for your adventure is an art and science and often takes careful consideration. However, your party often makes hasty decisions and does something you didn't prepare for. Then it's great you're running on Quest Portal because finding new scenes is easy. Just open the scenes tool and type what you want. We'll be adding many more scenes soon, so the new search feature will help you browse the beautiful art faster.

✨ New

  • Scenes. You can now search scenes blazingly fast. You can even make spelling mistakes, and we'll take a guess.

💎 Improvements

  • We've made some performance and design improvements to all windows in Quest Portal. Modal is the development word for those pop-up windows for things like inviting friends and messing with audio and session settings.