Apr 2, 2024

Easter fixes

Multiplayer cursors and the title Fixes.

Happy Easter everyone!

Here's what the team did last week before Easter break.

  • We gave the "in system" notification a lot of love (UI-wise and they are also clickable now - i.e., clicking accepted campaign invite takes you to the campaign).
  • Also, two new in-app notifications, a notification if a user joined a campaign you are in or if a user left a campaign you are in
  • Fixed layout issue for Universal Character sheets that have multiple tabs.
  • The multiplayer cursor indicator in the notes now follows the color of your character token.
  • Fixed a visual bug in tables within notes and using roll buttons.
  • Fixed a scrollbar bug in our sheets.
  • Fixed a bug where claimable characters could be set as hidden.

We emerge from our Easter break full of chocolate eggs and close to releasing a very big feature. We are very excited to share that news with you next week :)