Nov 6, 2023

Drag and Drop to Scenes

Drag and drop to upload scenes or tokens.

Drag and drop to upload scenes or tokens.

✨ New

Wow! Want a new scene or to quickly add a token? Boom! Just drag and drop a file onto the current scene and it will appear. Supports uploading multiple files to create multiple tokens or a scene with multiple variants.


New scenario: The Haunting
A classic Call of Cthulhu scenario, a perfect introduction 7th edition of the game.

Autumn of 1927, a group of investigators are hired to discover the truth about the rumors of Corbitt House.

🔗 Login to play The Haunting.

💎 Improvements

  • The Quest Portal Assistant now shows you the correct chapter name in the source its using.
  • We improved how our main navigation and toolbars display on small screens.
  • Players can claim multiple characters.
  • We made many small improvements to our marketing web, e.g. a really cool right click on our logo to download the asset.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the library sidebar wouldn't scroll to the correct place after opening a library link from the Assistant.
  • Fixed a bug with campaign transfer ownership where it wasn't possible to transfer if a character didn't have a character sheet.