Feb 28, 2023

Coming Soon

A forest design in the background. It is overlayed with upcoming features like edit and assigning characters, group note editing, and GM characters

Keep an eye out for many amazing features arriving soon!

Updated on April 25th

Howdy adventurers! We are excited to share a few updates on the horizon and very special news here at Quest Portal. First things first! We are happy to celebrate two tiny additions to our Quest Portal crew. Our incredible developers, Guðjón and Benni, separately welcomed their beautiful newborn babies into the world. What a busy last few weeks, indeed! These proud papas will be stepping away from coding to enjoy fatherhood and spending time with their families. We are sending them both so much love and support.

As we look toward the future, we have many awesome projects in the pipeline. Without further ado, here are a few things you can expect from Quest Portal.

👀 Coming soon

Adding NPCs. You’ll soon be able to add NPCs to your campaigns, complete with custom avatars, backstories, and character sheets. (Shipped March 14th)

Generic Character Sheets. Create a simple character sheet for any TTRPG under the sun. We will work towards making these character sheets modular to fit your individual gaming needs. (Shipped April 25th)

🔲 Improved Avatars. Our avatar generator is getting a super sweet upgrade.

🔲 Folders in Notes. We are adding a folder structure to help our players organize their thoughts more efficiently.

🔲 Shared Notes. Collaborate with your entire gaming crew with multiplayer editing on a single document.