Mar 18, 2022

Call of Cthulhu Possessions

A Call of Cthulhu character sheet in Quest Portal showing a tab for possessions.

Samantha's possessions include a locket, the Model T, and a beautiful straight razor.

We added a new tab in our Call of Cthulhu Character Sheets. The Possessions tab helps you keep track of your cash, assets, your treasured possessions, and the gear you have.

  • Early Access. We are starting to beta test with more users. Feel free to invite your friends!
  • Website. We updated our website at with more information about what we are doing.


  • Notes. We now label notes as deleted and hide them instead of deleting them. This will allow us to restore deleted notes in our admin system, so ping us if you exedentally delete something. We’ll make this more accessible in the future.
  • Character Sheets. We saw some issues with sheets created before March 15th. We can fix those characters behind the scenes so ping us with the URL of your character, and we’ll get them sorted out.
  • Onboarding. We added a notification for people using browsers other than Chrome, letting them know that we are better tested on Chrome. We are, however, fixing a bunch of Safari and Firefox issues now.
  • Accounts. We added the ability to delete your account. We hope that it will be our least used feature.
  • Performance. We added methods to reduce the size of images based on your screen size so it will not affect the visual quality of images.
  • Dice. Lots of small improvements with our dice menu and cards; we sum up the rolls, show individual rolls if you are rolling more than one die, show the results from highest to lowest (like the menu), and now the dice fade out nicely.


  • Avatars. We added notification prompts around missing permissions or missing cameras.
  • Campaigns. We fixed an issue where if you deleted the name of a campaign, you couldn’t add a new name.
  • Scenes. We fixed some issues in the full-screen mode that didn’t allow you to enable/disable avatar tracking.
  • Dice. We fixed an issue with the dice menu on Safari.
  • Character Sheets. We fixed an issue where updates from a Game Master didn’t update the character sheet for players in real time. We’re all about real-time!
  • Notes. Fixed some issues around dragging notes into favourites.