May 14, 2024

Bugs and Maintenance

Light grey Bugs and Maintenance on a dark background with a purple light ray

Bugs and Maintenance

Ewww - unwanted bugs! Last week saw a big purge of bugs, regular maintenance and various fixes across Quest Portal, from mobile to the web platform to even our office! Many changes and updates are still in the works, so keep an eye out for those.


  • Scene and roll announcements are no longer truncated.
  • Notes Folders had a few updates. A folder where a 2nd level folder had been deleted, can now be placed in other folders. Also, clicking the 3 dot menu button doesn’t also open and close the folder.
  • Campaign header images on Campaign Invites can now handle portrait and landscape images.
  • Long names no longer misalign timestamps in notifications, and also are no longer centered in the more users menu in Session top bar.

iOS and Android Improvements

  • Fixed issue where global and campaign assistants interact.
  • Added the write DELETE to confirm character delete.
  • Made campaign fallback color consistent across the app.
  • Fixed lag in campaign header scroll

If you find any bugs that we missed during our virtual fumigation, then let us know! We have a couple of different methods:

On the web, click your profile icon and then “Report a bug” in the Quest Portal web app. The system will automatically capture a short screen recording and upload error logs to our servers that really help us squash the bug.

If you’re on a mobile, then feel free to email us, or use the Bug-Reports channel on the Discord! (The iOS and Android app bug report feature is on the way though!)