Mar 14, 2023

Bring on the NPCs

Four individuals stare into the distance dressed in the style of detectives. A man in his 40s in a trenchcoat, a woman in her 20s holding paper, a man in his 30s, and a man with a beard in his 50s. They are in the background shaded in blue/grey. The foreground has a text box with a character grid that reads GM Characters.

Four investigators stare out from the distance. Now GMs can create fully realized characters and NPCs!

Happy Tuesday! This week we are rolling out a huge update that introduces non-playable characters or NPCs into the fray, along with super sweet tools for character organization.

✨ New

  • Secret Characters. GMs now have the ability to create epic NPCs and characters complete with tokens, avatars, and backstories without revealing them to the players. 
  • Character Menu. Menu options in Characters, Campaign Profile, and Character Sheets have been updated with additional options such as Add Character Campaign and toggle Claimable.
  • Character Cards. Campaign Profile now has GM character cards. These are only visible to players if the character has hidden toggled off.