Nov 15, 2022

Oops, I Grid It Again

A battlemap showing a round tower. A blue box indicates the editable grid size.

We had to put on our thinking map to bring this to life.

Welcome to the griddiest changelog to date. This week we grid you new maps and a few new handy tools for all the mapcionado. Oh, and a couple of dicy improvements.

✨ New

  • Grid Tool. Our new Grid Tool allows the Game Master in each campaign to create and edit Grids on their maps. They can fine-tune the location of the grid with the mouse or arrow keys, control the grid's opacity, define the size, and decide if tokens should snap to the grid.
  • Select Tool. You can now multi-select tokens with our Select tool. When the Select tool is enabled, you can click+drag to form a box around multiple tokens that will obey your every command in unison! You can also do this from the default Move tool by holding down SHIFT and clicking on all the tokens you want.
  • Dice. We’ve added a way to compare rolls. Perfect for dice pools of all kinds. In the formula builder, you can now compare your roll results with a number and count how many dice are greater or lower than your target.

🎨 Art

We added two new creators to our map collection:

  • FragMaps. We've added gorgeous modern and futuristic maps from the very talented FragMaps. A techno nightclub, construction site, gas station, and more.
  • Dyson Maps. A selection of 7 hand-drawn maps in a very simple style. Caverns, Towns, Ponds, Caves, and more.

Find these and more in Campaign > Session > Scenes.

💎 Improvements

  • Dice. Improved behind-the-scenes audio text labels on all the buttons to improve accessibility.