May 9, 2022

Add some variants

The scenebar in Quest Portal with multiple variant options.

As the sun rises, you see the stunning mountain range ahead. The rest is over and the journey continues.

You can now add multiple variants of your scenes and maps. Perfect for changing the atmosphere from day to night as the sun sets over the battlefield. Add as many day/night or fog/sun variants of your Scenes and Maps. Tokens will remain in place. This feature will be in preview this week while we properly test things!

💎 Improvements

  • Tokens. Copy+Paste tokens with ctrl/cmd C, then V. New tokens will appear where your mouse is pointing so you can throw in a whole army in no time.
  • Dice. You can now hide rolls from the rest of the players or show them to everyone! No cheating. We also added some nice animations to the dice menu.

🐞 Fixes

  • Sessions. We fixed an issue with full-screen mode. It's now full-screen mode and not 95% screen mode.