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Apr 16, 2024  ·  3 min read

Share your campaign session stories



Session Story cover photo showing images of characters.

Many campaigns slowly die. Mostly, it’s due to scheduling conflicts. But often, it’s because people lose interest. They lose the connection to the magic that happened in the last session.

We are very excited to announce the release of Session stories. It’s our first step in supporting your group better and ensuring that campaigns stay alive and your players stay more engaged.

How do Session stories work?

After each session, Quest Portal automatically creates a log of what happened in that session, who attended, and more.

You can see a walkthrough in the video below.

Each story includes images of the characters that were active in the session. Additionally, you can see the active scenes (even with those tiny little tokens and fog of war 🤯).

Below the images, you’ll find the actual log. It includes general campaign information, as well as information about when the session happened, how long it was, and who attended.

Then there’s the scene log, which contains information about what scenes were shown, how long you spent on them, and the key activities performed.

When do Session stories get created?

After the last person leaves a session, we start generating the story. It usually takes a few minutes to process everything.

But don’t worry; you don’t need to hold your breath and continuously refresh the page while you wait. When the story is ready, you and your group will get a notification in the web app and an email with most of the story information.

Can Session stories be turned off?

Yes! Game Masters can turn them off in campaign settings.

You can also keep them on, but drag the Session Story folder to your private notes section. That way, you can keep getting them but limit your players' access to them. This is perfect for dragons who want to hoard their treasure.

Sharing Session stories

Session stories can be a great way to keep your group more engaged. They will get notified when stories are created, but you can also share a link to the note when the next session is looming—just a gentle reminder of what happened last time.

There are several other ways to share parts of the stories.

Sharing to social media

There are a few options to share on social media, such as Facebook and Reddit. Sharing an entire Session story will allow others to view the entire content. They won’t get access to other notes, nor will they be able to view other campaign information.

Sharing images

You can easily copy or download the images of the characters or the scenes if you want to use them in social media posts. If you don't want to share the entire story, you can also share them directly on Facebook and Reddit.

Unlock your Stories

Get started with Quest Portal for free and play your first session.

Session stories cover photo

In summary, Session stories offer an automated, engaging, and shareable recap of your gaming sessions. They keep your group involved, provide a record of your adventures, and can even be shared beyond your group for others to enjoy. It's a powerful tool to enhance your gaming experience and keep your campaigns alive and exciting.

If you have any feedback on Session stories, please join our Discord and share your thoughts.