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Mar 18, 2024  ·  3 min read

How to run games with minimal prep

[This is still work in progress]

Playing tabletop role-playing games can take a significant amount of free time from people. In addition to the weekly/bi-weekly sessions that can take 3-5 hours (or more!), Game Masters also need to prepare.

The level of preparation needed depends on a few factors such as the Game Master's ability to improvise; if they are running premade modules, creating their own homebrew worlds; and more.

In this article, we cover how Game Master's can use Quest Portal to speed up their preparation and get more time into their busy schedules.

Running games unprepared

For many Game Masters playing TTRPGs is all about meeting friends and having fun. They have spent much time getting to a point where running a game unprepared is no challenge. They can recall stat blocks, create characters on the spot, and easily describe locations.

For others running unprepared is more of a challenge. Here's a quick recipe for getting a game started unprepared.

1. Create a new campaign

[Write about creating a new campaign or claiming a premade adventure]

2. Add premade scenes and maps

One of the main ways Quest Portal makes it easier for GM's to run games unprepared is our library of free premade scenes and maps.

Gallery of free scenes and maps in Quest Portal.

Scenes and maps come preloaded with music that's appropriate and you can simply drag the scenes you want to show your players onto your Scene deck.

3. Generate encounters, characters, and locations on the fly

Our AI Notes features allow Game Masters looking for a quick idea to spin up character concepts, create encounters, get lists of loot, random tables, and more.

The AI Notes and the AI Assistant can boost your game significantly by allowing you to focus on the story and keep the session flowing when you are unprepared.

4. Inviting players

[Write about inviting]

Running games with a homebrew world

Storytelling and worldbuilding are the two main drivers for many Game Masters. They use TTRPGs as an outlet for their creativity. Who here hasn't spent hours setting up world maps and writing about their world only to have a fraction of it come out in sessions?

Quest Portal can help worldbuilders set up and organize the information about their world within the context of their campaigns.

1. Organize your notes

Notes can be accessed in campaigns. They allow Game Masters to start building their world, organizing the content into folders and sub-notes. Notes can easily be linked by @mentioning them.

2. Create with the Assistant

[Write about how AI notes can help]