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Apr 3, 2024  ·  4 min read

Get started in 5 minutes

You can be up and running in no time with Quest Portal. This guide tells you all about creating campaigns and characters and getting the most out of the VTT features.

BUT BEFORE WE START! If you haven't already, sign up for a free account of Quest Portal.

Now we are good to go.

Creating a campaign

A campaign in Quest Portal is how you organize your game or table. In campaigns, you will invite your friends, log into sessions, write out your notes, plan your scenes and more.

From the home screen you can create new campaign.

We recommend using one of our claimable adventures to get a better feeling for campaigns. You can also choose to claim adventures from your home screen.

Full guide to creating a game on Quest Portal

AI Assistant in Notes

Our Notes feature is very powerful. It is a text editor, specifically developed with creating for TTRPGs. We are constantly adding features to it, but already you can use it to start creating fantastical worlds for your game.

AI Assistant in Notes

The Assistant is an AI designed to help Game Masters and worldbuilders get unstuck when writing. It is embedded in Notes and offers a variety of themes, such as character concepts, secrets, locations, and more, to help with prompting.

Behind the scenes, the themes have different prompts that will guide the GPT-powered AI towards your creative goal. The final piece is your own prompt, describing what you want to accomplish.

Pro tip: You can use @ mentions to tag other notes in your own prompt. This instructs the AI to use the content of that note when creating a reply.

When it creates its answers, the assistant will use the note's current content, the campaign description, the theme prompts, the prompt you use, and the contents of any note you tag.

Campaign chat Assistant

Sometimes, you want to brainstorm new ideas, look up rules or lore, and get the creativity flowing. This is where the chat Assistant comes in handy. You can ask questions about the rules and lore of the game system you are playing. It will look up the sources you have available in your Library and use those sources to answer your questions.

This can be a huge time saver when planning campaign ideas.

Chat assistant interface

The chat Assistant will cite its sources when available, so you can always double check their quality.

Create on the go

The Campaign chat Assistant is available in our mobile apps. Brainstorm ideas wherever you are from your phone.

Quest Portal App on the go

The chat Assistant can be a fantastic resource if you want to explore ideas for your campaign and offers more flexible interface for back-and-forth communications.

Campaigns and Notes

Technically, two features, but they go hand in hand! In Quest Portal, games are organized into Campaigns. For each Campaign you get access to the Notes feature that you can use to start building out your world.

Notes feature in a session

Notes can be organized into folders, private or shared, fully collaborative, and have multiple TTRPG-specific functionalities, such as roll buttons and the AI Assistant.

You can create links between different notes by @ mentioning them, making navigating between them so much easier.

Creating locations with AI Assistant

Here's a quick guide on how to create locations for your world using Notes and the AI Assistant.

Creating NPCs with AI Assistant

Here's a quick guide on how to create NPCs for your world using Notes and the AI Assistant.