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Jul 5, 2024  ·  2 min read

Character sheets for (almost) any TTRPG system


character sheets



Character sheet templates

Introducing Character Sheet Templates for any TTRPG system

Well, almost any TTRPG system*. Choose from a list of premade templates, use templates made by our community or build your own with a no-code, easy-to-use editor, and start running your games on Quest Portal.

You can browse our templates here or in the web application (which will soon be added to the mobile app).

Our sheet editor allows you to build a template using common components like text, headings, tables, lists, checkboxes, and more. Additionally, we have developed special widgets like roll buttons, point trackers (e.g., Hit Points), and slots (e.g., tracking spell slots), with more features coming.

* You can indeed create a template for any system you want. Our dice engine currently supports standard dice notations and Fate dice (check out rolling dice in Quest Portal blog for more information). This means that some systems might have limits on what is possible with the roll button widget [link to feature docs].

New systems supported

With this new addition to Quest Portal, we are expanding our support to include games like D&D 5e, Pathfinder 2e, Cyberpunk Red, Cypher System, City of Mist, Dune, Fallout, RuneQuest, Star Trek Adventures, and even My Little Pony.

Character sheet templates overview page in Quest Portal.

With the help and support from our community, we aim to support many more systems from RPG giants and indie developers.

If you create templates for systems that are not currently on our list of supported games, please share them with us on our Discord.

In addition, if you have feedback on the current templates, please let us know on Discord. We are working hard to make the templates better.

Pro tip: You can duplicate templates to make your own versions of them if you want to further customize or improve them.