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Nov 11, 2023  ·  1 min read

Fog of War




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fog of war


Add fog of war to maps in Quest Portal

Gradually reveal your battlemap with a simple Fog of War Tool to create an element of surprise around your gaming table. Our fog tool lets you effortlessly add or remove fog, seamlessly adjusting the level of visibility on the battlefield. Game Masters can toggle between player preview and transparency to fine tune their perfect battlemap.

How to use Fog of War

When you are in a session you will see our maps tools centered above the scene you are viewing. The Fog of War tool is the cloud icon. It can also be toggled on with the "F" hotkey.

Once you toggle on the tool you can see the subtools available. It allows you to add fog (filled rectangle) and reveal fog (outlined rectangle). You can remove all fog (trash icon) or toggle between GM view and Player view (eye icon).

Only rectangle shapes for fog are supported at the moment.

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